Mr. Braaten – Science

I’m entering my nineteenth year of teaching. I have spent 16 years teaching in the elementary and I’m on year 3 teaching science in the high school. I enjoy the unique challenges that the students’ present to me day in and day out. It has been such a blessing to have the opportunity to teach and coach in the community/school that I love. Go Aggies!

My wife, Annette, and I recently moved to the City of Velva from our rural paradise with our two beautiful children, Taryn (12) and Jairus (8). We both went to Minot State, which is where we met ;), and we taught in New Town for the first couple of years before moving to Velva. We have one dog: Max (5?). We adopted him from SVAS in June and he has been an awesome addition to the family. He is very happy and excited to see us everyday and he can run like the wind. We also have a cat, Simba (8), who is having kittens every year, sometimes twice a year. So, if you need kittens, I’ll hook you up. :) We spend our time enjoying the outdoors with our kids, mowing grass, gardening, riding the ATV, jumping on the trampoline, farming, fishing, and renovating our home.
You can contact me on Remind or call the office at 338-2022 between the hours of 8:00am and 3:45pm.

1st hour РGeneral Biology

2nd hour – Biology

3rd hour – Life Science

4th hour – Advanced Biology

6th hour – Biology

7th hour – Life Science

8th hour – SRB