Miss Sundhagen – Science

I was born and raised in Tioga, North Dakota. Science and math has always been a love of mine, but upon graduating high school I was planning to be a music teacher! I began freshman year at Minot State University in the fall of 2013. As so often happens, I changed my mind in my first semester of school. After some advice from one of my chemistry professors, I decided to take up chemistry. I was active in Residence Hall Association, Student Government, the American Chemical Society, as well as Science Club. In addition, I have been (and continue) conducting organic chemistry research synthesizing new organic compounds. This has allowed me the opportunity to present my research at many different conferences including the American Chemical Society’s national meetings.

I moved to Velva in 2018 and student taught with Mr. Hoff until I graduated in December of 2018. This year (2019) I started organic chemistry research with 3 of my students in conjunction with the Minot State department of chemistry and ND Epscor. So far we have completed one reaction and will be presenting our findings at the ND Epscor meeting in April. I hope to incorporate as much technology and hands-on activities in my classroom as time and budget allows!

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